Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

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Soil and Water Conservation

About This Course

In Soil and Water Conservation Engineering course you will learn about Soil Erosion, factors affecting and effects of erosion. Water erosion. Soil loss Estimation. Soil Erodibility. Rainfall erosivity. Measurement of soil erosion. Water erosion control structures. Bunds and Terraces. Wind erosion and its preventive measures.

Learning Objectives

Identifying the cause and problems due to Erosion
Applying best practices and Knowledge to Prevent Soil, Water and Wind Erosion
Study of Erosion Preventive Measures

Material Includes

  • Details Handouts
  • Quizzes

Target Audience

  • Anyone who is curious about erosion and its preventive measures
  • Agricultural Students
  • Agricultural Knowledge Seekers
  • Farmers


18 Lessons32h


Course Overview

Soil Erosion

Soil Erosion and Problems.

Water Erosion


Soil Loss Estimation

Measurement of Soil Erosion

Land Capability Classification

Water Erosion Control Measures

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Duration 32 hours
18 lectures

Material Includes

  • Details Handouts
  • Quizzes

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