Canal Irrigation Management

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Irrigation Engineering

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Every year, the farmers in different countries of the world try their level best to ensure that crops are raised properly. But apart from this objective, these modern day croppers are making the lives of their farmers’ miserable by a number of ways. The nature is the only provider to all of us and in turn, everyone owes a certain amount of respect towards it.

When you think of irrigation, you probably imagine a field of crops, a well-planned water system and the possibility of a successful harvest. Irrigation is a highly technical subject that requires an understanding of the physics, chemistry, mathematics and hydrology of the hydrologic cycle, as well as of the engineering and construction of irrigation systems.

The Irrigation Management course will take you through the basics of Canal Irrigation Management and will help you to get familiar with components of irrigation canal system, their functions, planning and layout, preliminary design procedure for irrigation projects, crop water requirement, design of canals, canal seepage, design of lined canals and economics. Diversion head works and canal head regulators, theories of seepage, cross drainage works, canal falls, irrigation structures on distributory and minor, regulator and modules, maintenance of canal and many other aspects of canal irrigation systems.


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Irrigation DevelopmentPreview

Components of Irrigation Canal Systems

Design Procedure for Irrigation Projects

Diversion Head Works

Crop Water Requirement

Specific Discharge Of Canal

Design Of Canal

Canal Seepage

Lining of Canal

Design of Lined Irrigation Channel

Cross Drainage Works

Canal Falls

Canal Regulator

Canal Outlet Or Modules

Maintenance of Irrigation Canal

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